I’ve found incredible inspiration in the widely ranging cultures I have lived in from: Kota Kinabalu on the island of Borneo to Beijing, China, Manila, Philippines, Whistler, Canada, and Hood River, Oregon. I have exhibited internationally since 1999 and participated in over 50 group and solo shows.

Over the past five years, I have taught my youth art programs: “Brave Art for Youth”, “Fashion Art and “Skateboard Art” at arts foundations, public schools and in art schools up and down the Pacific Northwest including for Arts In Education of the Gorge. I also published the Brave Art workbook journal, “Mindful Heart, Mindful Life” in 2017.

I discovered the healing benefits of combining art and the written word when I was teaching my adult program, Intuitive Art Journaling and thus created Brave Art for Youth in 2013. My main objectives are to help youth identify and process negative emotions to promote self-healing while cultivating their creative potential.

For four years I was the head teacher for adult art programs at Open Arts Studio, Tacoma, WA.     www.openartsstudio.com

In December 2017, I launched “Fresh Perspectives”, a vlog dedicated to helping families share art making time together with my Brave Art for Youth program offerings in the comfort of their home. Teachers and caregivers can join along and see their mindfulness skills grow as well as golden opportunities are created to share in hot topic conversations with their kids, all under the guise of art making!!